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Lisa Rossi launched her career as a performer while she was a journalist for The Des Moines Register. While there, she piloted and led the formation of the Des Moines Storytellers Project, a national initiative that Lisa turned into a local success. The project produced sold-out shows across Des Moines and was recognized nationally as a stand-out effort in live storytelling. At this time, Lisa became obsessed with the interaction between audiences and storytellers.

She then went to Stanford University in 2017 as part of the elite one-year John S. Knight Journalism fellowship to further investigate the relationship between creators and audiences. It was during this fellowship she discovered improv comedy. Lisa became fascinated with the comedian’s abilities to build empathy and understanding, so she made the jump from the newsroom to comedy club. 


She immersed herself in stand-up and improv comedy, attending open mics, befriending comedians, taking classes from Teehee’s Comedy Club in Des Moines, as well as from The Second City in Chicago and The American Comedy Institute in New York. She also qualified to study in the Core Track program with the Los Angeles-based Groundlings Theatre. She performs standup and improv around the Midwest with a goal of delivering reflections from her own life with the same level of honesty she demanded of her journalism. So far in 2021, she has been invited to perform in the Omaha Comedy Festival and the Art of Female Comedy Festival in Denver. 



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